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1955 chevy truck 3600 8' bed frame swap

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1955 chevy truck 3600 8' bed frame swap

pookie55 pookie55
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/24/12
10:23 PM

I'm new to the classic truck forum. I've owned my 1955 Chevy 3600 3/4 ton(second series) truck since 1992. I have always wanted to restore the truck but time and of course money always stood in the way. 20+ years has gone by and the taskforce has sat idol waiting for attention and a new outlook on life. Now in(2012)she is in need of much more repair..I now can start to spend money for well deserved repairs and upgrades, the question is, whats best for the truck? The last time the 55' was driven was in 1995-she broke down just before going to be in a parade. I lost the faith to work on her and the rest is history...So, i'm looking for help from all that is willing to help me with this endever,im hoping to do most of the work myself... The first thing im looking for is the correct frame swap. She has a wheel base of 123.5-the track is somewhat harder to figure,cant seem to find the track width anywere. I've read that a S-10 or a suburban is a good swap but i'd like more Info. from all of u-ins before i start bidding on used trucks. I would like to use the newer drive train & all for the swap. If you care anything about a great looking vehicle from 1955-Please help..Thanks to all for reading my very first post ever and I hope to hear from you soon...John  
focus-focus-focus,or it will never get done pookie55

hotrodace hotrodace
User | Posts: 156 | Joined: 03/11
Posted: 12/25/12
04:49 PM

Hey John,
Always good to here someone's interested in getting another classic truck on the road. In your case I think I'd look at CCP or Fat Man or others to install a nice front suspension with a modern rear. If the frame's still solid it seems easier than fooling around with old trucks and old parts. Put you hard earned money in new parts dude. Unlike papa.g I'm assuming your not talking alot of torque or 4x4 so an original frame boxed and cross supoorted is good. I got a GMPP ZZ4 at 355hp doing fine in mine. I'm almost ready for the parade now.  

pookie55 pookie55
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/25/12
10:08 PM

Thanks for the advise hotrodace,
I'm hoping to buy complete vehicle around 1985-95 and use all newer running gears motor & rear end for a good price. also still kicking around the idea of a 4x4?..Of course i have to get the bed and cab off the frame to make a better judgement call on the condition of all the old original parts.
Buying from ccp or fatman or anyone else sounds great but the cost may be prohibitive. Once I see the true condition of under body parts, i'll make a money call...
Once i figure out how to add pic's, i'll post the truck as-is and moving forward. also have: 1957 Nash Ambassador Custom
          1957 Ford Fairlane 500
          1964 Buick Wildcat
          1973 Corvette conv.
          1980 Olds. Delta 88
          2004 Corvette  
focus-focus-focus,or it will never get done pookie55

hotrodace hotrodace
User | Posts: 156 | Joined: 03/11
Posted: 12/26/12
04:47 PM

I hear you. Whatever you decide that works for you is best. As long as you keep with it and see it thru is the main thing. I know now since I built the RWD corvette suspension, if I did another, I'd probably go 4x4 with a mild big block. If I could only win the lotto now what fun I could have.

Looks like a nice list of rides there. Are they all running?

I load pics to photobucket like described at top of thread. It takes some time but I enjoy posting some to keep things alive here. Since all the exciting stuff is done on my truck I just do finish up stuff now. I got a couple more tricks up my sleeve to post after I finish the air intake. Just for laughs maybe I'll post a picture of the 69 VW Ghia I got started for the wife. It's been sitting for a year now since I last did a good hit of work on it. I did fab up a rotisserie for it so things will go easier. I'll probably do more in the spring when I can get it out of the garage and around to the carport to soda/abrasive blast. I need to finish putting together my english wheel too. I been waiting for Joe at Hoosier to list his large adjuster again. Hadn't seen it on ebay for awhile. Maybe I'll give him a call and see what kinda deal he'll do me.

Anyhow nobody has chewed my head off here for posting stuff so it's all good. We're all here to help so get started and post some. Good to have you. Thanks for posting back.  

pookie55 pookie55
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 12/27/12
07:51 PM

Yes they do run...
O.K. the 57 Nash needs restored and hasnt ran for 10+ years but only has 47,000+miles
The 57 Fairlane looks and runs great but I've had trouble with trans. all original so rebuilding it will be needed.
The 64 wildcat looks and runs great..does need new body mounts Also all original drive train and nice interior orig. to car.
The 73 Vette runs but does need to be sanded and repainted, all original drive
The 80 olds is nise but needs quarter panels replaced, again all orig. with very nice blue velour interior.
And last but not least the 2004 Vette is Sharp all the way around...

Hopefully I didnt ramble to much but I do like my small collection of very different vehicles and allthough each may need something done to complete them,I'm happy with them and will sooner or later finish them.
At least i hope so...Retirement is 12 years away and i hope i'm done by then...
Thanks for asking I do enjoy talking about them..  
focus-focus-focus,or it will never get done pookie55

hotrodace hotrodace
User | Posts: 156 | Joined: 03/11
Posted: 12/29/12
06:50 AM

Cool,... Nice collection. I didn't know anything about the wildcat so I googled it. Looks like Buick answered the 60's performance call with it. Nice piece.

Watch out for the bandido's over there. Others have an eye on it.

The old stuff's the good stuff.  

carfolite carfolite
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 09/11
Posted: 01/25/13
08:24 PM

I am anxious to see where you go with the new suspension ideas. I have a 55 second 3600 myself that I saved after it was retired from farm service in the late 80's. It is currently running and driving but just in town. The gearing on the rear is a set up for tree stump pulling I think.
carfolite in NJ  

pookie55 pookie55
New User | Posts: 4 | Joined: 12/12
Posted: 02/24/13
12:48 AM

great to hear from you...
I've been bizzy working alot and shopping around for the right setup...
I think i've found it...Its a 1988 chevy Silverado 4x4 350 with 149k on speedo. with single cab & long bed. All is in working order and shifts as it should. Also new break lines. The price seems reasonable at under 1500.
I will get around to loading pics before i start the project.
Also its great to hear that your truck is in running condition and that it was a farm truck in NJ. I purchased mine in Iowa back in 1992(I used to drive semis OTR)while working. Thanks again later... Wink  
focus-focus-focus,or it will never get done pookie55