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1964 Chevy Suburban Parts

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1964 Chevy Suburban Parts

ChevyGuySoCal ChevyGuySoCal
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 03/08
Posted: 03/18/08
04:10 PM

Hey Everyone... I Recently picked up a 1964 suburban with the clam shell doors. I've been in search of a company that makes the original prop that keeps the upper hatch open, i was told to use air shocks from a camper shell but i dont think it would support it because the door is just to heavy.(If you or anyone you know owns one you know how heavy that top hatch is) I already went to Chevy Shop (Anahiem,California) and they dont have them...if anyone knows where i can find them can please let me know...  

New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/11
Posted: 08/03/11
06:46 PM

Whats up? I also own a 64 Sub. That prop is going to be impossible to find. I am looking for clam shell doors for mine. You interested in a trade for Barn Doors! I'm    in Fullerton...  

65suburban2 65suburban2
New User | Posts: 11 | Joined: 07/12
Posted: 07/14/12
04:33 PM

Just a quick note. I have a '65 Sub with the liftgate/taillgate combo, and I tried to find new door supports for the upper door in the '90's. I called the original manufacturer, Atwood Industries inILL. I believe, and they said they haven't made those since 1971. So take care of what you have, and keep them clean and lubed.  I was considering the gas type supports found on a hatchback, but not sure if they would fit in the small space between door and body.