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3 Window to 5 Window Conversion

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3 Window to 5 Window Conversion

tenntexn1 tenntexn1
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 10/07
Posted: 10/24/07
08:35 AM

I am long time subscriber to the Mag. and I tought it might be great to tackle a challenging task of converting a 3 Window 52 Chevy truck to a 5 Window. My friend had an extra cab that he chopped up and he gave me the two side windows inside and out. We cut them below the belt line and through the B-Pillers. I know Chevy of the 40's sells both halves, but I am a football coach and I can't afford that. My parents 50th Anniversery is coming up this summer and they drove a 5 Window truck when they were dating. I would like to have it ready for their Anniversery.

How do I tackle this? Should I split the sides up and then cut or try to install the whole thing?


John Gilbert John Gilbert
Guru | Posts: 1148 | Joined: 08/06
Posted: 10/24/07
01:01 PM

I would say intall it whole. It would mean less welding, which means less heat, and warpage. Also less chance of getting the dimensions wrong... That's my two-cents.  

Roger-Ohio Roger-Ohio
New User | Posts: 9 | Joined: 02/09
Posted: 09/22/13
11:11 AM

Found this video on how to do the job
3 to 5  
51 5 Window IROC