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My Chevrolet 3100 1953 5-window

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My Chevrolet 3100 1953 5-window

bigtumtum bigtumtum
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 08/06
Posted: 08/31/06
07:43 AM

Sorry For my Bad English!!

Greetings From The Netherlands (europe)

Hello since 2 years im building op my dream car since i was a little kid this pickup was my dream 2 years ago i have buy the pickup and start rebuilding my car

so if people have ideas or just some info what i can use with my rebuilding please tell me

too bad that there is no option to send a picture with my post i justget my chassis back from a friend ho weld a front end of a chevrolet monte carlo on it

Greetings Rob,  

John Gilbert John Gilbert
Guru | Posts: 1148 | Joined: 08/06
Posted: 08/31/06
02:57 PM

Greetings to you too, except this isn't Rob. He's the editor of Classic Trucks and I'm the editor of Custom Classic Trucks. I hope you're a reader of both magazines. We appreciate the support.

Anyways, back to the question about your '53 Chevy 5-window. First I'm guessing you guys swapped-out the 235-inch Stovebolt and dropped in the Monte Carlo's small-block engine and transmission, that's a good start.

It does not sound like you are afraid to cut metal, so what about shaved door handles, a pancaked hood, or even a chopped top? I wouldn't want to be the guy that had to make the window glass but what the heck, you asked.

Maybe chopping the top is a bad idea, you might end up with a roadster,

Nick tells me you guys should be able to post photos in the near future. That  will make it a lot more interesting for everyone.

Give us some more details on what you want from your '53 and we'll go from there.

Talk to you later,


bigtumtum bigtumtum
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 08/06
Posted: 08/31/06
08:54 PM


Yes i have use the smallblock 305ci

no i dont want to drop the top the doorhandles is a good idea but i think that would take long time to install or not??

also im thinking of build powerwindows maybe u have a good idea..

also im searching for company's ho are willing to shipping parts like new bumpers and grill to the netherlands..

Yes i'm a ready and i realy enjoy the magazin

Greetings Rob "Robbie"  

John Gilbert John Gilbert
Guru | Posts: 1148 | Joined: 08/06
Posted: 09/01/06
08:25 AM

The 305 is a fine engine, they're good on gas and they make decent power.

For shaved doors,there's a tech story coming up in the October issue of Custom Classic Trucks (I'm not Rob) on installing Electric-Life door-poppers and solenoids on Future Shock '88. It's a newer truck than yours but the process is the same. Electric-Life also has power windows that would work.

The hole left by a '53 door handle is pretty small, you shouldn't have any real problem filling it in.

I can’t answer your question about who ships to the Netherlands, but I’m sure if you contacted any of Custom Classic Trucks’ advertisers through their website they could tell you wheter they did or not.

Keep us posted, I'll talk to you later,


Scraper Vins Scraper Vins
New User | Posts: 11 | Joined: 02/10
Posted: 02/17/10
02:36 PM


Here a messsage of a fellow  chevy p.u owner........ for parts contact Prins Trucks (just search with google......)near Zwolle. He sells everything for a good price.
I kustomized my truck over the last 5 years and drove it inbetween, we got two great trucks in our car club called Scrapers. If you are bit into the scene you should now us of our 2 yearly shows in Antwerp, Belgium called th SINS (Scrapers Indoor Nostalgia Show) check the HAMB for pictures.
If you have any questions about rebuilding your truck just mail.....and if you look around more closely there is a lot for sale in Holland, although it´s still not like living in the states...........

Good luck and good fun building!!!!!!

Vins, Scraperss Car Club  
Scrapers CC- the Netherlands